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Hello, I'm Rick Zolzer the VP of the Renegades and the owner of Zolz Entertainment

Rick Zolzer's Bio:

Greetings- I am Rick Zolzer and everything I do every day revolves around entertaining large groups of people...I have been doing the sports on local radio stations for over 20 years....Every day I get to go to work at a baseball stadium where I am the VP of the Hudson Valley Renegades...I have designed and implemented the fun at the Hudson Valley Renegades games for 20 years as well as being their stadium voice...I have been the voice of the New Jersey Nets, Army Football as well as Marist and Mount St. Mary's Colleges...That is the kind of experience you want to insure a successful event no matter what it is!

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Rick Zolzer's Interests & Activities:

Making sure people are having a good time, Anything with a ball in it, reading and hanging with my family

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